With sensor data, Glaston helps customers enhance production efficiency at glass processing factories

The glass processing technology company Glaston gives its customers the opportunity to monitor all the machines in a production line in real time. The service is built on the Smart Data Mill system produced by TreLab. The data can be used for optimizing the production lines, improving production quality, and developing an understanding of process bottlenecks.

“We wanted to provide our customers with a light and easily deployable solution to take control over the entire factory reporting,regardless of the age and manufacturer of the machines. With real-time data, they gain continuous and more comprehensive overview of production. This is the background for our ‘Insight Full Factory’ service, developed in collaboration with TreLab,” explains Riku Färm from Glaston.

Rakla Tampere Ltd was the first Glaston’s  customer  to deploy the service. The company manufactures glass products and develops new glass solutions. According to Rakla, the difference from the previous situation is that data can now be extracted even from machines that previously were digitally inaccessible. Now the company has a clear view of the entire factory, which makes the management and planning of production easier.

“There isn’t a supervisor present on every shift, but the data enables us to see what has happened during the shifts. Any bottlenecks and problems are readily identifiable, and we can reduce our production downtime. In addition, the sensors measure temperature and humidity. These data indicate when the conditions are suitable for printing glass, for example. This improves quality and minimizes waste,” explains Rakla’s Production Manager Hannu Kytölä.

“By monitoring data and responding accordingly, we can increase our production efficiency. We can remove production obstacles, reduce unnecessary waiting time, and improve quality.”

Hannu Kytölä, Rakla

 Quick and easy deployment

“Glass processing factories often have a wide variety of machines of different ages. They are expensive investments and are not replaced without a weighty reason. However, to manage the overall productionfor data must be extracted from all machines regardless of their age,” Färm explains.

 “The best thing is that the sensor system can be installed in just half a day, so the factoryavoids expensive downtime.”

– Riku Färm, Glaston

“Thanks to the technology developed by TreLab, no cables or screws are needed – Smart Tag sensors are installed by simply attaching them to machines with magnets. Other corresponding solutions are more complex and involve projects of up to several months, which many factories can’t afford,” Färm explains. 

According to Rakla, the collaboration partner piloting the solution, deployment of the system is very quick and easy.

“The system was installed for our machines surprisingly quickly. We didn’t have to stop the production for the installation. All 28 Smart Tags and eight gateways were installed in just a few hoursmainly during breaks,” Kytölä explains.

Copyright: Glaston

An easily built system for a truly novel digital service

“The system built with Glaston and Rakla is a good example of a company responding to the need to develop a comprehensive digital service for its customers. With our helpthe process is agile and cost-efficient: the out-of-the-box platform is easily adaptable to manyvery different needs,” explains Ismo Laitinen from TreLab.

With technological development not being an issue, we can genuinely focus on addressing the customer’s needs when developing digital services.

– Ismo Laitinen, TreLab

“We had never provided our customers with a similar service, but with TreLab’s out-of-the-box technology and platform, the productization was a very quick process. We would certainly not have been able to develop such an agile solution on our own,” Färm says.

“TreLab’s service and special expertise addressed the customer’s needs very efficiently and complemented our expertise well. They know how to develop technology and what you can get out of machines. The development of the service and the implementation of the first project were surprisingly easy for us, thanks to TreLab’s active approach. Hats off to them for this!”

– Riku Färm, Glaston 

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