Samples of recent public TreLab Smart Data Mill cases with customers and partners


Detailed case descriptions:

Case Glaston and Rakla: Case description for production efficiency at glass refining plants.


Case Wipak and Roima: Case description for Continuous Improvement.

Fortum_logoCase Fortum: TreLab Smart Data mill at Imatrankoski hydropower plant: case description.

Hackathons / developers:

TreLab Smart Data Mill supported Hackathons / Industryhack so far: wrap up.

More references:

  • Name

    Case Description

  • Lassila & Tikanoja

    Operating times and work load measurements of production machinery

  • AGCO Power

    Operating times of test drive stations at diesel engine plant

  • Kuusakoski

    Operating times and work load measurements of recycling station machinery

  • Oscar Software

    Integration partner (ERP focus): integrating ERP data with real-time production tracking

  • Lännen Kiinteistöpalvelu

    Remote monitoring of surrounding conditions (premises)

  • Tieto

    Technology partner in Tieto Industrial Internet partner ecosystem

  • Cybercom Finland

    Service provider partner of "Uutta virtaa teollisuuteen" program

  • IonPhasE

    Real-time tracking of status and operating times of static dissipative polymer production line, project

  • Affecto

    Digitalization partner

  • Ewona Finland

    Real-time production line monitoring

  • Tammer Diesel

    Operating times and work load measurement at garage test stations

  • Bilot

    Analytics and Big Data partner

  • Link Design and Development

    Partner in service design projects, e.g. Foller

  • Fastems

    Technology partner for Hackathon / Hack the Factory

  • Lindström

    Impact assessment project of Smart Washroom concept on on-site staff workload

  • EDRMedeso

    Partner in R&D simulation projects

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