Minimizing unplanned downtime

The foundation for any resource planning is the data about machinery utilization rate and performance. Modern machines are typically equipped with in-built measuring capabilities to collect and deliver the necessary data. However, there are a lot of machines – critical for business – out in the field that are not able to collect or deliver the data yet. To include these in the resource planning process, special arrangements are necessary.

Smart Data Mill by TreLab tracks utilization rates, performance and working conditions in real time. The system connects the installed base into resource planning and allocation systems.


Data collection and reports enable

  • Cost-efficient way of tracking running hours of installed base of machines:
    • Running hours (effective, downtime), usage patterns, capacity vs load, environment
  • More precise fixed costs allocation to production batches
  • Better-informed, predictive business planning
  • Planning and managing maintenance schedules, resources and costs


Intensive data gathering made simple

Getting started with TreLab Smart Data Mill leveraging its productized measurement metrics is fast. Typically, the final setup step can be completed in less than an hour.




TreLab Smart Data Mill has flexibility to be matched perfectly with typical customer back-end system requirements. The Smart Data Mill solution is modular, allowing easily additional measurement functionality. Furthermore, the wireless measurement unit and its features can be optimized with the measuring conditions, e.g. to ensure optimal power consumption.

TreLab Smart Data Mill benefits:

  • Fast retrofit implementation with minimal additional instrumentation costs and downtime thanks to non-intrusive, wireless measurement solution
  • Smart Tags applicable to a wealth of data gathering tasks, delivering structured data and critical operational business events
  • Implementations can easily be scaled up from simple projects over to volume deployments

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