Easy remote monitoring of surrounding conditions

The wireless, digitized data collection solutions enable extending remote conditions monitoring, energy efficiency and facility management as well as value adding services to work and residential property owners up to a completely new level.

TreLab Smart Data Mill is well suited for monitoring surrounding conditions in various types of buildings and spaces. The measurement devices and access points are delivered pre-configured. At their destination, the tags and access points are placed on selected locations, the system is switched on and data collection starts. In a typical case, this procedure takes not more than a few minutes.

Due to the small physical size of a TreLab Smart Tag, measuring becomes easy and non-disturbing. The system elements do not require any fixed installations beyond power supply of access points. Hence, it is easy to set up and perform measurement periods of any desired duration. Moving the measurement system from one location to another is as simple as the first time use. Depending on the number of tags and access points in use, a data collection project can cover several measurement points at the same time, helping to build up more comprehensive reports about the conditions.

Moreover, each tag is capable of measuring simultaneously – in addition to temperature – relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and ambient light. TreLab Smart Data Mill is rich-in-capabilities and flexible. Implementations may vary from a short-term one apartment study to monitoring of several separate spaces, within the same building or in different locations.

Example of an implementation in one apartment (picture).

Surrounding conditions can be monitored in real time by TreLab mobile application. The application is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, free of charge. The measurement data can be also delivered as a daily/weekly/monthly report that can be further customized to meet customer requirements. Data visualization in the report makes it easier to figure out any major deviations. Smart Data Mill can work either independently or it can be integrated into customer IT systems if that is preferred.

TreLab Ltd works actively with real estate management professionals. In parallel, TreLab Smart Data Mill has been deployed by manufacturing companies in various warehouse and SKU conditions monitoring (temperature, humidity). Based on professional feedback from the field, using TreLab Smart Data Mill has been very straightforward and easy. In particular, the mobile application has proven extremely helpful when following up pre-change / post-change conditions in real time.

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