Programmable solution for non-intrusive wireless remote monitoring

Minimizing unplanned downtime

TreLab Smart Data Mill is a wearable wireless smart sensor solution for Industrial Equipment. The Smart Data Mill solution tracks utilization rates, performance and working conditions in real time. Bringing it into use typically requires only minimal installation and instrumentation work. System is built for global deployment; minimum maintenance, remote management and updates, robust and efficient data collection, data delivery through external API. The system connects the installed base into resource planning systems. This approach makes it possible to broaden the scope of automated data collection within company production lines and brings more machines on “Industrial Internet” age.


TreLab Smart Data Mill

TreLab provides its customers affordable wireless and real-time retrofit capability to monitor legacy industrial equipment on global scale:

  • Fast retrofit implementation with minimal additional instrumentation costs and downtime thanks to non-intrusive, wireless measurement solution
  • Smart Tags applicable to a wealth of data gathering tasks, delivering structured data and critical operational business events
  • Implementations can easily be scaled up from simple projects over to volume deployments




Smart Tag

TreLab Smart Tag

  • Turns measurements to events for efficient delivery
  • Processing capability and extremely low power consumption
  • Several power source options available
  • Offline / memory capability
  • Connects to gateway over Bluetooth LE
  • Management and updates from the cloud
  • Measuring capabilities:
    1. Linear acceleration
    2. Rotational acceleration
    3. eCompass
    4. Temperature
    5. Humidity
    6. Air pressure
    7. Illuminance (ambient light)
    8. Presence (with gateway)


  • Receives data from tags and delivers it to back-end
  • Can process combinatory events over available tags
  • Local storage and access capability
  • Management and updates from the cloud
  • Offline capability

Cloud (with API)

  • Collects and manages data for efficient delivery
  • Can generate alerts and combinatory events from tag/gateway data
  • Data can be delivered to 3rd party applications through API
  • Manages the gateway and tag fleet

Business focus