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The second half of 2017


With sensor data, Glaston helps customers enhance production efficiency at glass refining plants. Read the case!


The first half of 2017

30.6.2017Wipak Continuous Improvement case description with Roima Intelligence and TreLab published.
22.6.2017TreLab present at Glass Performance Days 2017 Finland event.
20.6.2017TreLab new CEO selected: press release.
9.5.2017TreLab key note at FTRForum 2017 event.
3.5.2017TreLab partners with MPD (Manufacturing Performance Days) event: programme.
11.4.2017TreLab participates Hannover Messe 2017: techhubfi.
20.3.2017TreLab Smart Data Mill reference case at Fortum Imatrankoski hydropower plant published.
24.1.2017TreLab on Growth Journey to Silicon Valley: Kasvu Open Gaselli in brief.
20.1.2017TreLab is looking for candidates for CEO role (in Finnish).
16.1.2017TreLab is hiring: Software engineer.
2.1.2017TreLab selected to Tekes “Young Innovative Company” –programme (B-to-B SW).

The latter half of 2016

19.12.2016TreLab Ltd office, new street address.
1.12.2016Lindström and TreLab co-operation story on Aamulehti: article (in Finnish).
29.11.2016TreLab as a technology partner for Smart Washroom by Lindström: press release.
22.11.2016TreLab joins Tredea team for Slush2016 event: press release.
16.11.2016Change in TreLab management team: press release (in Finnish).
11.11.2016TreLab as a technology partner at HackTheSea by MacGregor: press release.
27.10.2016TreLab nominated to KasvuOpen Nordic -program: press release (in Finnish).
26.10.2016TreLab wins Gaselli award at KasvuOpen finals: press release (in Finnish).
20.10.2016TreLab selected to Going Global -program: press release (in Finnish).
19.10.2016KasvuOpen finals take place in the last week of October: article (in Finnish).
7.10.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill on duty at “HackTheFactory” with Ponsse.
29.9.2016Roima Intelligence and TreLab on Stage at Subcontracting 2016 fair (in Finnish).
29.9.2016TreLab introduction at KasvuOpen blog: article (in Finnish).
21.9.2016TreLab featuring in “Tampere region AllBright” news portal: article.
22.8.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill story at Tivi: article (in Finnish).
19.8.2016KasvuOpen finalists have been announced: press release (in Finnish).


 The first half of 2016

14.6.2016TreLab featuring in AllBright Tampere Region: article (in Finnish)
9.6.2016KasvuOpen 2016 IoT track winners, TreLab and Cozify: press release (in Finnish).
1.6.2016TreLab joins Tredea road show to Germany: press release.
13.5.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill services available at #FortumHack: info.
25.4.2016TreLab growth funding round completed: press release.
20.4.2016TreLab wins Startup Mashup! -competition at IoT 2016 event: info.
23.3.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill supported Hackathons / Industryhack so far: wrap up.
18.3.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill supports “Hack the Harvester” by Ponsse: press release.
17.3.2016Konepaja ’16 exhibition: Smart Data Mill demo in event wrap up: press release (in Finnish).
17.3.2016TechWeek Europe’s story about Industrial Internet players in Tampere: article.
16.3.2016TreLab selected for KasvuOpen / IoT program:  press release (in Finnish).
13.3.2016Mission Kone Hackathon completed: results.
24.2.2016TreLab Smart Data Mill available at Kone Hackathon: pre-info.
27.1.2016Team Finland Future Watch: IndustryHack case overview: report (in Finnish).
4.1.2016TreLab featuring in a Dutch portal Sprout_nl: article.


 The latter half of 2015

 7.12.2015TreLab featuring in “Good News from Finland”: article.
 26.11.2015Foller introduced at “Tampere region AllBright” news portal: article (in Finnish).
 12.11.2015Foller (LinkDesign/Streamr/TreLab) wins Elisa IoT Innovation Challenge (in Finnish).
 5.11.2015Smart Data Mill on duty at “MakeTechHuman” by Fortum and Nokia: press release (in Finnish).
 28.10.2015TreLab partners with Affecto Forum 2015 event (in Finnish).
 20.10.2015Smart Data Mill joins “MakeTechHuman” hackathon hosted by Fortum and Nokia
 6.10.2015Kauppalehti Nyt story about Smart Data Mill demo at Technology15 event (in Finnish)
 25.9.2015”Hack the Recycling” by L&T armed with TreLab Smart Data Mill Service: press release. Results.
 24.9.2015LinkDesign / Streamr / TreLab project proposal selected into Elisa IoT Challenge TOP3 final.
 7.9.2015LADEC Corporate Venture Program exceeded the expectations: Results 2015 (in Finnish).
 2.9.2015TreLab Smart Data Mill geared up for Konecrane’s second Hackathon: press release.
 24.8.2015TreLab joins “Hack the Maintenance” IndustryHack weekend.

The first half of 2015

 4.6.2015Three startups share victory in L&T’s pitch competition: press release.
 22.5.2015“Hack the Factory” at Fastems kicks off today: press release (in Finnish).
 20.5.2015TreLab Smart Data Mill powering Industrial Internet Hackathon (in Finnish).
13.5.2015TreLab joins “Hack the Factory” event as a technology partner.
 30.3.2015 Mr. Riku Granat joins TreLab board: press release (Fin/Eng).
 6.2.2015 TreLab has joined #codefromfinland initiative.
 30.1.2015 TreLab and Kuusakoski bringing Industrial Internet to new business areas press release (in Finnish).
 30.1.2015 LADEC Corporate Venture program press release.
 28.1.2015 Tieto IIoT eco-system press release (in Finnish).
 21.1.2015 RecruIT 2015 Tampere: Job descriptions and candidate profiles can be found here.


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